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Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin

Pedagogy Series

The magazine Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin, PEDAGOGY series was mainly dedicated to educationists, but it is also popular with other authors - experts in many different related scientific disciplines. The consecutive volumes present thematically profiled texts of interdisciplinary character. Between 2014 and 2019 the magazine was published on paper. The ISSN number for that version is 2450-7245. The magazine own e-ISSN number2658-1973.

Each article in the magazine has a title, an abstract, key words in the author’s mother tongue and in English. The magazine has a title, a table of contents, an introduction, bibliographical notes about the authors in Polish and English.

We keep the publishing continuity of the magazine: it is published systematically every year without much delay (longer than 6 months).

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The editors of the magazine do not charge any payments from the authors for presenting their texts. Having submitted the Work, the Author grants a non-exclusive and free license for using it to the Acquirer. The published articles are available in the Open Access formula (free of charge) in pdf at the magazine website www.comenius.uph.edu.pl. They are also available on-line in the international data base The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities http://cejsh.icm.edu.pl. The magazine is indexed in the base INDEX COPERNICUS INTERNATIONAL. 

All the articles published in Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin, PEDAGOGY series are licensed under the Creative Commons Authorship Acknowledgement 4.0. It will enable everybody to copy, redistribute, send and adapt the work provided that the original work and the source are quoted properly.
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As far as the ethical policy is concerned, the publisher refers to the ethical rules of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). The editor’s intention is to continuously improve the magazine by publishing best quality original papers, basing on ethical procedures of selection and reviewing of the submitted texts. The editors declare to obey the following rules, and ensure that any information given by the authors is kept confidential.

Both the authors and the reviewers are obliged to reveal any possible conflicts of interests arising, for instance, from their personal or professional relationships. Possible conflicts of interests may be also due to the author's relationship with the object of research (mainly financial and/or organizational dependence). In case of violation of the scientific ethics rules (including the question of copyright laws violation, scientific frauds, research errors, plagiarism, data counterfeiting) the magazine will inform the responsible bodies and institutions.


After receiving positive reviews, the authors submit their texts together with statements (available at the website) of not having published or submitted the text at another editorial office. The author states that the work is a result of their creative process and does not violate other people’s copyright laws in any way; that they have included all the reviewer’s remarks and agree to possible corrections by the editors. A similar statement is submitted by the editor-in-chief. Moreover, it includes personal and affiliative data of the Polish and foreign authors.

Here we present the consecutive volumes of Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin, PEDAGOGY series.